From the history of the Museum

A trip to Gudogay land

Wycieczka o charakterze przeglądu treści ekspozycji muzeum szkolnego "Ziemia gudogajska: materialne a duchowne"

     The Museum “Gudagaj Land: Material and Spiritual” of Gudagaj Secondary School opened its doors on May 26th, 2004, however the opening was preceded by five years of diligent preparatory work to collect the materials. The work was conducted by teachers-enthusiasts.

   A significant number of items were donated to the museum by Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor, ethnographer and patriot Adam Iosifavich Maldzis - a former student of Gudagaj seven-year school. It was actually Professor Maldzis who came up with the idea of ​​creating a museum in the region, hence the thematic focus of the exposition.


                                                               So the exposition of the Museum looked like originally.



                                                                 The modern section of the Museum

    The uniqueness of the museum is that it is a museum of the region, even though some items have gone beyond the geographic scope of Gudagaj village council.

  Opened in 2004, thanks to the efforts of the principal of that time Klimianok Ihar Ryhoravich, the museum today is experiencing renaissance. Beautiful spacious rooms, exterior design that meets the requirements of modern times – all of this the museum has gained thanks to the determination and efforts of the present principal Kaptsuh Hanna Mechyslavauna, her deputy for economic work Vayshko Natalia Piatrouna, and dozens of teachers, students and other school staff.

    Despite the fact that the exhibition still consists of 5 major sections, the content has greatly expanded. Each year the museum is replenished with new exhibits, and today the museum has about  2,000 units.

     Since the opening of the museum, it is headed by its manager Maryia Karlauna Vasilenak.

   On December 2nd, 2016 for all  who are interested in the history and culture of the region, the site of the museum "Gudagaj Land: Material and Spiritual“ became available.

   Created by the efforts of the museum manager Maryia Karlauna Vasilenak, with the assistance of a software engineer Yuri Ivanavich Shyhautsou, and with the  participation of all concerned teachers and students of the institution, the site has become an online resource visited by visitors from various corners of the world.

    Each month, the museum website welcomes about a thousand virtual visitors from Russia, the USA, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Canada and many other countries and, of course, from Belarus.

   In the nearest plans of the creative team responsible for site content is the expansion of the museum exhibitions and providing visitors with the ability to view many of the items in virtual reality mode.

A trip to Gudogay land


Wycieczka o charakterze przeglądu treści ekspozycji muzeum szkolnego

"Ziemia gudogajska: materialne a duchowne"




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